At Whiskey

Matt was familiar with this place. He knew that they were now at Whiskey... which probably explained the incessant ship rolling! On the quarterdeck, near where Matt and Paul were standing, there were a couple of guys that looked sort of green. But mostly, the sailors were all standing there with their feet apart for balance, some eating chips, candy bars or drinking pop. Others were smoking. Everything seemed routine, calm and relaxed.

Over in the distance Matt could see three of Mackenzie's sisters. They seemed to be sailing in formation with the other ships in the squadron, the Yukon, which had accompanied the Mackenzie to sea, and the Qu'Appelle and Saskatchewan, which had joined them here at Whiskey. The four ships were now heading due east in a line abreast formation, meaning that they were all moving together, parallel to each other. Matt estimated that they were moving at about 12 knots, which was a relatively slow speed. Going so slow, and with the long Pacific rollers hitting them on their starboard bow, the ship was rolling steadily.

Matt looked out over the endless ocean of rolling waves, "Whiskey hasn't changed much since the last time I was out here."

"They tried redecorating once," Paul said with a can of soda pop in his hand as he motioned out over the ocean. "They moved that big roller from there and put it over there, but it just rolled back to where it came from."