A wide expanse of ocean just seaward of Vancouver Island, Whiskey 601 was the place the Canadian Navy went to stretch its muscles among the high Pacific rollers. In the summer of 1983, Leading Seaman Matt Petersen regarded "Whiskey" as an awful place on the chart that was dreadfully distant from the girl he loved. Everything changed when he became embroiled in a cold war mishap, which lead Matt to understand how the perceived enemy was simply a sailor, just like him.

About the Book...

"Whiskey 601" is the story of Matt Petersen, a sailor in the Canadian Navy. In August 1983, Matt suddenly finds himself posted to the Mackenzie, an aging destroyer escort based in Esquimalt, British Columbia. While in the Mackenzie, Matt encounters plenty of camaraderie among his new shipmates, but conflict with others, such as the tyrannical Executive Officer.

Shipboard life, cleaning stations, navy food, watch-keeping and never-ending exercises are all integral to the story. With a healthy dose of humour and sailor stories, the readers will feel immersed in shipboard life.

Experience the anticipation of a port visit, and the result of giving a group of men freedom for just one weekend, where indulgence in alcohol and sexual exploits were always on the itinerary. The objectification of women was rampant back in the 1980s, and a pretty woman on the jetty would bring the work of the entire ship's company to a halt.

Many different personalities are brought to life, including a sailor who makes prolific use of the "F" word, a ladies' man with a woman in every port, a "scrapper" who consistently walks around with his hands balled up into fists and a "stoker" who goes above and beyond to be known as a disgusting pig. While all fictitious, they are based on first person experience with personalities that actually served in the Navy.

Personal relationships also figure prominently. When sailors are away, they miss their significant others, but infidelity is never far away... something with which many sailors are familiar, one way or another.

With the Cold War at its height in 1983, we see the fear of the Soviets and how they feel about Canadians and Americans. We also see the same fear in the eyes of the Canadians. What will happen when the two factions are forced together?

From satisfied readers...

"Humorous and witty, Whiskey 601 tells a story of the Navy before the age of political correctness."

"When the story ended, I wanted there to be more."

"It took me back to my days on those ships. The rotten officers, the bad food and the camaraderie of good wingers."

Additional Details

  • Paperback: 256 pages
  • Publishing Date: April 9, 2015
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0973282541 ISBN-13: 978-0973282542
  • Format: 6 x 9 inches